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Actually, no I tend to not use the Porta Crappers.... There are many reasons why I don't pay. When you pay you get bag service, sag wagon, route support, and an optional insurance thing. Almost everything else is donated. I actually got into an argument of the prior director over the price of people riding. I told him I would have no problem paying 25$ to just register to ride. Me and about 70% of ragbrai either go self contained, or have their own team and they use them as support not the Register's support. We also don't stay at designated camp sites, we stay at privet residents. It's a blast but if you don't need their support then the price that you pay is insane. So, I am not an ass that thinks I don't need to pay because it's a free road. I don't pay because I don't care to get bent over and pay for services I never use. Plus I ride out to the start the week before, and half the time I ride off route *it's a ton of fun*
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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