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Random drop in RPM's...

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Hey folks,
Ryan here. I'm new to the boards, and to this particular Element. I owned an 04 AWD AT a couple years ago and sold it for something more gas efficient. The E had wormed it's way into my heart, and I couldn't let it go. I just bought an 06 AWD MT with 75k.

I don't know much about the previous owner, and I don't think he maintained it very well. I bought it as a repo for way under book. Both brake lights and one of the headlights were burned out when I bought it...

In the last two weeks I've noticed that both at idle and while driving, the rpm's will suddenly dip for a half a second and then bounce back up. It doesn't really affect anything, but I'd rather deal with it now than have it turn into a problem. In general, I'm trying to cherry it out so that it will have a nice long life...

Anyway, any idea as to what might be causing this? The check engine light isn't on. I tried searching the forum for "fuel filter" and "fuel pump" and a bunch of other things, but turned up nothing that looked similar to what I describe.

Thanks so much!

ryan (the nashvillian)
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Try searching for IAC or Idle Air Control Valve. If I have time I'll try to find it for you.
I'll do that right now. Thanks!
is it on defrost. If so, the car will turn on the AC once in a while causing a dip in idle. you manually turn this feature off.
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