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Recently, I've started to hear a rattling sound up near the front end of my car. I believe it's passenger side and it kind of sounds like metal scraping the ground or an even better example is that it sounds like a slinky going back and forth. I'm thinking possibly a loose heat shield of some sort, at least that's what I've read one of the possibilities could be. It typically does it when I'm decelerating, (not using breaks just slowing) exactly at 45mph. Sometimes it does it at around 20mph when I'm accelerating.

This isn't a constant sound. I've tried to pinpoint it as far as RPMs go, but no luck. Only the speeds I mentioned consistently yield the noise. It's very faint, with my windows closed I can barley hear it but if I'm driving in the city it reverberates pretty easily and is definitely noticeable.

Any suggestions guys? Have an appointment Friday.

Thanks in Advance.
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