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I own a SLM 4WD EX.

I purchased it almost 2 months ago, on April 12, 2003.

Every time I fill up the tank I have been keeping track of my fuel mileage, here are the results:

(note: this is all with mixed driving, about 60% freeway, 40% city, a/c on very rarely, hard acceleration very rarely)

1st fill up:
228 (odo)
218.4 (trip)
11.836 gallons

2nd fill up:
449 (odo)
221.7 (trip)
11.996 gallons

3rd fill ip:
655 (odo)
205.1 (trip)
11.305 gallons

4th fill up:
912 (odo)
256.9 (trip)
12.460 gallons

5th fill up:
1123 (odo)
211.5 (trip)
11.401 gallons

6th fill up:
1349 (odo)
226.2 (trip)
11.484 gallons

7th fill up:
1582 (odo)
233.2 (trip)
12.542 gallons

8th fill up:
1822 (odo)
246.7 (trip)
11.844 gallons

9th fill up:
2062 (odo)
232.8 (trip)
12.152 gallons

Overall Mileage over 9 fill ups:
19.24 mpg

I'm dissappointed in the mileage I'm getting from my E. I thought I would be stepping up from my 1991 Accord (in which I was getting at least 22 mpg, driven more aggressively than my E).

Has anyone else taken detailed fuel mileage logs?

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I would be dissappointed with that mileage as well.
I just went through my first tank and got 311 Miles ( the low gas indicator was on for about 5 Miles ) I was not to disappointed with that. Also the mileage is supposed to get better, I hope. It's much better then my Toyota 4x4 pickup. Good luck..

5sp 4wd 70 % Hwy driving.

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for what it's worth...

we bought our element about two weeks ago here in monroe, n.c.
the dealer has had several 'friends' who bought them when they first came out. they are claiming around 24-26 in the city and 28-30 on the interstate.

he said after about 2,000 miles, the gas mileage should start to pick up.
our first tank, we got 19.58 mpg (mostly city miles)
2wd galapagos green ex. (automatic)

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This is my fourth tank and I've been getting an average of 20.49mpg. I own a 2WD EX Eternal blue. My driving is a mix between freeway and city, mostly around rush hour both ways with the A/C on all the time.
No complains, it gives me the same average mileage that I used to get with my CRV.

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The most miles i got when the gas light came on was 334 miles. I was driving mostly 85% highway miles and i got ruffly 27.83 per gallon.

The lowest miles i got was 269 miles and that was mostly 80% road so it came out to be like 22.41 per gallon.

Overall i am about right.....24.95 per gallon 50% Road/50% Highway. Maybe you have a lot of hills in your area and/or you lug a lot of stuff around that would effect mileage a bit. I normally drive by myself so i am going to get better gas mileage than say someone who drives with 2 or more people and have a lot of stuff in the E :D

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i've just started my log, but the first fill-up that i recorded at 830 miles showed a 21 mpg with city (start-stop) driving. EX/4wd/usually just me in the car.

funny that my gas gauge shows as empty at 11 or so gallons. does that mean we have 4 in reserve?

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Filled up tank, 12.068 gal with about 253 miles driven. Comes out at a little less than 21 MPG. Not to bad, I figured the first tank would be less than 20 MPG. Still hoping it will improve some!

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i have been fueling up whenever i see cheap gas prices, and everytime i do the math and so far the lowest i have seen is 23.4 mpg and the highest being 24.9 mpg. I do a lot of mixed highway/city driving, and I think that's pretty good for an SUV. Not quite what i was used to in the Civic, but if what everyone says is true, i will be hitting 2000 miles in a couple of days and we'll see if it gets better.

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According to my calculations, based on 2062 miles covered up to the 9th fill up, and 94.87 gallons used to that point, you are getting around 21.74mpg, which is not great, though it's roughly in line with the average I get driving around town. Like most others however, I'm getting better than that in either mixed town/highway (for me around 23.8mpg) or highway only (26+mpg).

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I just went over 3000 miles on my EX, auto, front wheel drive and the lowest mpg's on the five times I calculated was 24.6 - I also had 25.3, 25.6 26.3 and the highest which was mostly highway with a lot of hills (New Jersy to Sate College, PA) I got 28.0. Most of my driving is town and country and some highway. The 26.3 was about 50/50 highway and town/country but I also I got stuck in a traffic jam and took about 15 minutes to go a mile. I am pretty happy with the gas milage I'm getting.

Thom Wodock
Sergeantsville, NJ
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