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Rear brake pads worn before fronts???

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Hi, I brought my '04 E in to Honda dealer for front pad replacements. Upon checking, the service rep said that the front pads have 4mm left but that the rear are at 2mm. I have 55,000mi. Does it make any sense that the rears would have more wear than the front? I have never had my brakes worked on or replaced.
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It's crap..........Three cheers for AutoZone

Time for Honda to change the proportion valve ratio! It's wrong! The rears wear out way to fast and there isn't enough front brake and the E just doesn't stop all that well. At least mine anyway and I bought it new. I have had four other ABS vehicles and they never wore in the rear first and they all stopped much better too. On another subject tonight I just replaced my drivers/rear caliper,rotor and pads after replacing the pads last year.

Cheer #1 - AutoZone had the best prices $69 for the caliper w/lifetime
warranty $37 for the rotor; two year warranty

Cheer #2 - They replaced their lifetime pads I bought last year free even
though it was it was my bad caliper that ruined them

Cheer #3 - they let me do the work in their parking lot since I have too
much snow in my driveway (and in my life in general) mooching
a couple of tools to boot!


A local shop wanted $542 to do the same job !! f-ing thieves!
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