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Rear brake pads worn before fronts???

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Hi, I brought my '04 E in to Honda dealer for front pad replacements. Upon checking, the service rep said that the front pads have 4mm left but that the rear are at 2mm. I have 55,000mi. Does it make any sense that the rears would have more wear than the front? I have never had my brakes worked on or replaced.
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I had a Toyota Avalon that I had to replace the back breaks every 60k and the front lasted over 100k. Sounds like yours are close enough to replace all four.
You should consider replacing the pads yourself. It is not hard.
Yep. Breaks are the biggest ripoff in the automotive industry. It takes me 20 min a wheel to replace the pads. 30 min if the roters need replacing also..
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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