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Rear brake pads worn before fronts???

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Hi, I brought my '04 E in to Honda dealer for front pad replacements. Upon checking, the service rep said that the front pads have 4mm left but that the rear are at 2mm. I have 55,000mi. Does it make any sense that the rears would have more wear than the front? I have never had my brakes worked on or replaced.
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It's not all that unusual at that mileage. Salt and sand in winter driving conditions take there toll. Plus you stated that you have not had any work done on them..... As you may ( or may not ) know, they require the sliders to be lubed at least once a year. I do mine every spring. The lube in this area gets washed off by the salt sand mix. I find them dry every spring. I know I'm using the proper stuff, so it's not the type of grease that's at fault.

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