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Rear Bumper/Clamshell Questions

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First of all, does anyone have any pics of the rear bumper completely removed?

Second, Does anyone know if a spare tire mount could be mounted on the bottom parts of the Clamshell? Do you think it would even handle a gas can and mount? The adventure trailers scepter can mount and full gas can weighs about 70lbs...
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I don't think mounting the tire there would be a good solution. I think the tailgate would be very heavy and I figure the tire would come into contact with the bumper when you lower the tailgate. I think a 2" hitch with some type of swing down/away mount would work well. You also have to consider your rear plate being blocked. I had my rear bumper off when I put my hitch and wiring in but for some reason I didn't take a single picture :neutral:
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