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Welcome, Sjvjr. Please fill in your profile.

So how did you break it?


Light assy., interior (front & back)
Black/gray 34250-S5P-A01ZD
Gray/blue 34250-S5P-A01ZD
Gray/green 34250-S5P-A01ZD
Retail $15


Base, front
Black/gray 34252-S5A-003ZA
Black/titanium 34252-S5A-003ZD
Black/red metal 34252-S5A-003ZD
Retail $64

Base, rear
Black/gray 34252-SCV-A01ZA
Black/titanium 34252-SCV-A01ZB
Black/red metal 34252-SCV-A01ZB
Retail $21

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cargo area light

bought a used '07 lx with 49k and am new to element club. I just realized it was NOT working as I cleaned out cargo area and removed back seats to haul dog and etc.. every thing else looks to be working fine at this point. thanks
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