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rear differential fluid change question

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Hello all,
Just joined the site.
I was at the Honda dealership yesterday because I heard that Moose call coming from the rear differential. I only know this because that's what they told me at the dealership.
The question I have after reading the replies from the other posts is that they charged me $202.00 because they said they had to flush out the rear differential 3 times.
While they were servicing it I decided to do a search and this forum came up. Needless to say I was surprised by the information I learned. I then called the dealership that I had originally bought the car from, too far away to get it serviced at, and they told me it was $79.95 for the service.
My question is has anyone ever been told by anyone that they had to have the rear differential drained, filled then drive, drained again, driven again, drained again to complete this service?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Differential maintenance.

Although I am not a mechanic, I do have background in maintenance.

A few thoughts:

If the diff needed flushing, if there were a known maintenance requirement, it should be a scheduled service item.

If the diff has not been maintained, flushing is not a bad idea, but does it indicate any consequence of the lack of scheduled fluid replacement? Might be a gamble, and a cheap one too.

If flushing was done, it is possible the fluid could be filtered, or more sophisticated analysis, to give some indication of wear and damage.

Flushing it out suggests that that a simple fluid change isn't sufficient, yet the scheduled service doesn't require flushing, just fluid replacement.

I would be the kind of dreaded customer to ask these questions.

Google FMECA. If I know about FMECA, shouldn't Honda?
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Normal procedure is to just drain and fill. If it continues to make noise during the post service test drive they will repeat the service.
The repeated drain-and-fills should be justified by the condition of the fluid (burned, contaminants, etc.), recurring symptoms after fill, or some other evidence. Could be a wallet flush.
I've heard of other serveral other members being told the same thing. I don't think it is really necessary, unless it still makes noise after the first drain & fill.
Thanks for your responses

Thanks for all of the input. I really do appreciate it.
I will definitely know what questions to ask next time.
Have a great weekend!!
Only one drain and refill for me........... don't understand all of the repeated fills !!
Transmission yes, rear diff no. Never heard of this.
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