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Noise issues right rear as well

I bought my 03 Element AWD Dec 2006. Begininning in March 2007 I had a noise from the right rear everytime I braked. It was a low creaking sound. Honda said the pads needed machining, so they did it. Noise gone, a month later noise back, Honda's solution - pad not OEM pads, all replaced! Two months later noise back, machined pads. Couple of month later noise back, solution, replace them.

This went on for a year and a half, another Delearship said it was the bushings in the rear sway bar or control arms, whatever the hell it was. Replaced those. Noise came back.

So back to the original Delearship, they said they have done all they can andthat it must be how I am driving. Well if thats the case why has the front brakes only ever been serviced once in the year and a half I had it? Big surprise no answer.

Went to a third party, spent nearly $2000 on repairs, replaced right rear strut, bushings on another part fall of 2009. Spring of 2010 noise is back, loud as ever. The noise is only when I brake and only from the right rear. No one can tell me anything. So frustrated.
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