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i bought my "e" out of state and then had to have it inspected at my local inspection , i mentioned the back hatch rattle that people have discussed on this excellent site...

my service manager is a super guy and called honda to report the issuue...

a honda rep said that they are aware of the situation and are in the testing stages of a resolution....the Honda rep also said that they will not except any type of rattle on any of their is something that they think is very important...they don't want a rattle rep...which VW and others have....

i also have a 97 was $21 Gs ... has 70,000 miles.... and we call it the rattle machine.....i had a 90 civic with 280,000 miles...and not a squeek...(it was forcibly retired by a gigantic deer...which lived ....just stood up and ran away)

anyway....a solution is on the way

take care

id also like to thank emass for all the audio tips...I enjoy reading them and and taking notes....thanks !!!!!

take care

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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