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Hello all,

I recently went to Honda with my 2005 Element to get a oil change and when I returned they advised me the rear drivers side strut was leaking and $616.00 should cover the replacement. I never take a single opinion so I went to a independent repair guy who said he saw some seepage, but that was normal. Huh? He cleaned it up drive around and found that the leak was not showing up anymore. Any thoughts from the group. Is this normal???:shock:

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It is NOT normal. $616 is OUTRAGEOUS to replace on strut. The entire strut
assembly is about $120 from an online Honda retailer, and they take about
30 minutes to do at a shop, an hour if they go slow. So if they charge $80 an
hour for labor, then your looking at $200 plus tax for replacement.

Some online parts sources, in alpha order:

Cheap Honda Parts
College Hills Honda
Honda Parts Deals
Honda Parts Now
Honda Parts Store
Honda Parts Unlimited
My Honda Parts Store
Real Honda Parts
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