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Does this sound like a bearing? I have an extended warranty until 120k, if it is the bearing, will that cover that sort of thing? Can a bad bearing cause a brake to drag eventually-i.e., I'm wondering if I can get back the $250 I paid for the brakes because of a bad bearing causing premature brake wear? We have a lot of miles on this car, but my wife has about a 60 mile drive one way-all highway, to get to work during the week.

Thanks all!
does it sound like a bearing? no not really. Sounds like freshly cut brakes to me.
Will an extended warranty cover this, unknown you have to ask them, each policy and company is different. My experience with extended warranties is that they are basically useless save drive train warranties from the manufacturer. bearings typically are not covered as they are considered a wear item.
Can a bad bearing cause brakes to wear? its possible but not likely with the mileage. A bearing that would have gone out that bad to wear the brakes would make a phenomal noise and cause all kinds of drag.
A good dealer or service mechanic would notice increased wear on one side or the other and point out a problem. Given the mileage, age, and current wear trends of the brakes I would call that normal. I would take it back to the dealer and make sure that something is not just a little out whack with the brakes, it could be the something like the parking brake or pads just slightly touching now and again. As long as that wheel is not considerably hotter after a drive then the other side and the front wheels I would not worry to much.
At 250 for a brake job you got a pretty good deal if they cut the rotors. Will you get your $250 back, no, it needed to be done either way and nearly every warranty does not cover brakes unless a non related failure takes them out.
At 43k your E is just about broken in and nowhere near high miles yet.
If you search the forum you will see that there are numerous complaints about rear brakes on E's I would chalk it up to being normal and expect it to happen again. The range at which the rears go seems to very greatly to the point that I would considered it soley on the habits of the driver and conditions the vehicle is driven, most E if you get 60k out of a set of pads its considered good.

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