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Removing cola from headliner?

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So i pulled another dumbass move with a company car. This time i forgot my lunch bag was in the back seat of my Accord with a can of coke in it. It has been parked since the 25th so i figured with the temps dropping i better go make sure it starts before i go back to work tommorow. I open the the door to find a coke slush up the back door and on part of the headliner. I was able to clean most of it up but i have a few stains on the head liner. Any thoughts on what to use to get the stains out?
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Thanks Al.

Some how i think i may end up replacing the headliner under warranty.
I've found that a mix of Woolite and water works great at cleaning a headliner.I keep it in a spray bottle and just mist it on a clean terry cloth,then lightly wipe the area.:)
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