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Hi. I'm new to the forum and I've searched a bit before posting (apologies if I've missed the already posted answer to my upcoming questions).

Anyway, the kid wrecked our 2005 Element (air bags deployed) and the entire front end needs replacement. So I'm tempted to pay a little extra and get a 2007 'painted' front end instead of the standard textured panels. My questions:

1) Will the (entire front end) 2007 parts (hood/fenders/panels/grill/headlights)fit on the 2005 car? I've cross-referenced the subframe and they are the same part number on both years. Also, will the 2005 sill trim sill mesh with the 2007 painted fenders?

2) I couldn't find the 207 painted panels at Majestic Honda - am I missing something? Or are they not available?

3) I'd really like to get the 2008 parts because we like to new wheelwell shape better that the circular one. Yeah - I know we'll have to change the rear fenders as well to match. Does anyone know if the 2008 parts will fit the 2005 car? I understand there will be some wiring challenges....but nothing major.

Many Thanks,
Mr Finnegan
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