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The newer E's have a different bulb/lamp holder. You will need to remove the tailgate door panel to access the lamp holder.
1. Removing panel
1a. -with tailgate up pry/pull off the tailgate release knob. Then remove the phillips screw under the knob. This is the only screw you will need to remove for this project.

1b. -the door panel is held in place with clips. Open your tailgate, lift the hinge flap, then pull straight up on the bottom (hinge side) of the door panel. You will hear a pop as the clips release. There are several clips that will need to release. Maneuver the panel around the tailgate support cables on each end and then lay the panel out of the way. You should be able to see your goal at this point.

2. Remove the lamp holder
-Reach inside the tailgate, 2 hands, and unclip the lamp holder.

-remove lamp holder, replace bulb, clip lamp holder back in place (shield pointing "up" when tailgate is closed).
IMG_1303.JPG IMG_1304.JPG

3. Re-assemble in reverse order.
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