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There a few great threads on here about upgrading the battery on Elements to higher capacity:

I just replaced the stock 51R with the huge 24F with great success. This is almost a no-brainer swap, and no real additional work needed to do it. It is a tight fit, but not difficult to get in place. Anything larger would not fit. The upgraded battery is similar cost to the factory one too. I'm just recording my notes here for others who may want to do the same.

You will need a new battery strap that fits, and longer J bolts, but our auto parts store had those in-stock too. The only thing you need to do besides removing the plastic trays is to bend the metal on the bottom of the battery plate out a little bit, because the 24F fits almost exactly into the holder, leaving no room to loop the "J" into the hole. I've added some pictures here too:

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