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Turn off the engine.
Press and hold the select/reset button in the instrument panel,
then turn the ignition switch ON (II).
Hold the button until the indicator resets (approximately ten seconds)

If this does not work try this:

There is a trick to turning off the Maint Req Light that is not mentioned in the Owner Manual..

You must remove the ignition key first..

Then press the Select/Rest button

Then insert the ignition key back in and turn to position 2...until the light does out

Simply turning off the engine, leaving the key in the ignition and then following the steps doesn't always work.

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Also see this post:

A couple of things I have observed on various models where the maint lamp won't reset.

If the Park Lamps are 'ON,' the lamp may not reset - this would NOT be DRL's, but if someone modded it so that the park lamps are on when the ignition is on, this could be an issue.

Some Accords - (I've never seen this issue on an Element) won't reset the light unless the coolant is at operating temperature - I'd run the engine till the fans came on, then do the reset. (there's a Honda suggested work-around for this as well but it involves unplugging the fuel sending unit. Easier to warm up the engine IMO)

Some gauge control modules need to be "reset" Suggested procedure is to disconnect both the battery negative and positive cables and hold the ends together for 30 seconds, then reconnect the battery. Sounds really cheesy, but I've reset at lot of IP's, Radios and Rear Entertainment systems this way.

Make sure that when you are attempting the reset, that the light goes OFF before you release the trip reset button - it's NOT simply a matter of counting to 15 seconds. Hold the reset button before turning the key to "ON" and don't release it until after the lamp extinguishes.

And this:

korpanopoly said:
I purchased my Element in Texas and then brought it back here to Canada. As part of the import process I was required to install daytime running lights (DRLs). The Honda dealership up here elected to use my Park Lamps as the daytime running lights—when I turn the ignition to the ‘ON’ position (I believe) that it is my Park Lamps that automatically illuminate now.

Is there a quick fix to this issue (ex. a temporary work around such that I can toggle the park lights off long enough to attempt to reset the light?
Pull the fuse (#2 - small lamp, 15A) or the tail-lamp relay - both are in the under-hood fuse panel. On cars originally equipped with DRLs, if the parking brake is applied BEFORE the ignition is turned 'ON' the DRLs are disabled. I doubt that your essentially "aftermarket" DRL set-up is so equipped.
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