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My girlfriend myself and our dog will be heading up thursday July 1st at about 9am, we'll be visiting my Family up in Rochester NY and we're stopping at our lake house in Canandaigua for a few days for the 4th of July, we'll be driving straight through.

We'll be going up 95 the whole time till DC area then 85 to Canandaigua.

Are there any good suggestions for fun landmarks/stops on the way.

I've only made the trip once and that was from Rochester to Orlando w/ my parents once I moved down to Fl. (We went on 79)

We'll be taking 79 on the way back, any good landmarks that route too?

Also, any suggestions for tools or anything, I have Bug Washer stuff, a socket set, a cross bar in case I get a flat, and a tire patcher, as well as some other tools and wd40

And I have a CB Radio and the RoadTrip app on the iPodTouch

Thanks =]
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