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Roger in central IL

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Hello all,
My name is Roger and I am living in Central IL between Peoria and Bloomington/ Normal area.
I picked up a 2005 EX 2wd AT with 72k for a decent price and have had it a couple weeks now. This thing is in great shape for the year and miles. I don't have any pictures of it yet. I'm not sure what the "official" color is but I call it Tan. I don't like that color but I'm not going to pay to have it painted. I traded my Dodge caliber because I was wanting a Honda and wanting something that will last.
Not planning to buy much for it, but I did get some Hexomats from ebay that are nice. I like that fact that they actually trap water unlike the diamond plate design I have seen advertised.
I picked up the ipod holder from thoughtout because I didn't have a place to set it, and it is working good. I put it on flat face below the shifter and it seems to be working well.
I might be selling my stock wheels and get some AR Teflon coated mojave if the stock ones sell. Mine are the nicer wheels since it is an EX if anyone is interested.
Thanks for all the information here.

Sometimes you have to think "inside" the box.
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