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Hey, just wanted to show everyone my new Rola NV2 Rack that I got from Uhaul. Many thanks to the folks who suggested and walked through the Hitch Install for the Uhaul Valley Hitch!! I did the install myself with zero problems and NO DRILLING needed. Super easy, the longest/hardest part was tightening the bolts (note to others -- if you can afford it, get a ratchet!)

I had sourced a hitch and rack from and they quoted me about $1000CDN for both. When I purchased the rack and hitch from Uhaul, I got it for $320! Nice savings. :)

So, here's the pics of the Rola NV2, it supports having the lift open while on the hitch, and can support the tailgate lowered when the rack is spread wide.

I like this hitch because it supports the bikes by the wheels rather than the frame, and the rear arms that support the wheels of the bike closest to the vehicle are fully independent from the arms that support the outside bike. This means I don't have to compromise if I have two equally sized bikes, unlike other bike racks that I had been looking at.

Ok, maybe I got it 'cuz it colour matches my Element. :roll:


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