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Just thought I'd pass this along to anyone interested in picking up a roof rack...

I think it's ~ US$209 so it is still cheaper than the dealership msrp. (Plus, Bing's a great guy to deal with.)

From: "Bing (HondaSUV)" [email protected] | This is spam | Add to Subject: Re: Enquiry from HondaSUV Marketplace
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 21:38:33 -0700

Thanks for the order. Yes, the extra shipping price still stands but more importantly, I can get the keyless where others can't!!! So, you'll get one too.

I also have just one more Element rook rack that is sitting in Canada. The warehouse actually shipped it to the wrong person and so this very very RARE Element roof rack can be yours if you want. Shipping will just be $10 for the rack to you. So let me know. It is brand new otherwise and not used whatsoever!

Appreciate your support by ordering through our site!
Happy E!
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