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Good picture above since I started to write but here are my thoughts.

Yes, there is a significant 'tilt' front to back on the mount points and it is very important to match it so you do not break the mount welds or the mount metal itself.

I'm sorry I can't give an angle as when I prototyped SSD rails for the Element I started with a pair of SSD rails from a 2015 Soul and basically milled angular shims out of PDE to match the mountpoints. Mike at SSD then incorporated that into a set of prototype bars. I watched and measured as I slowly tightened the mount screws using those bars and tolerances there were close enough for the final bars.

If I were starting from scratch I'd make a jig with mount feet that could rotate, bolt them down, and then fix the rotation and use that to measure and weld up the platform and feet. FWIW, the match between the two sides of the car was excellent.
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