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[quote:9d7ebe0a78="raydoug"]Thule says the roof rack bars must minimally be 23 inches apart to safely hold a long Thule box; I know Honda is selling the shorter box for this reason. Anyone know how far apart the roof rack bars are?

Thanks. Love the site.[/quote:9d7ebe0a78]

We also purchased a Thule Evolution... We were a little concerned as the factory roof rack has a weight capacity of 75lbs and our Evolution model was 27lbs which meant only 48lbs of cargo. I think that Honda was conservative on the roof rack capacity though because I loaded that Evolution up with about 100lbs worth of luggage and then drove 1200 miles to Florida and back with no problem! The Thule Evolution fit perfect on my factory Honda roof rack and just happened to match our silver E perfectly!

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