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Roof Racks

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I can’t believe Honda would put such a lame roof rack system on an otherwise well designed machine. Has anyone tried the Thule rack instead of the factor rack? I’m looking for wider bars. Sometimes I travel with two mountain bikes and two kayaks on top – 150 lbs.

The E should have a full length adjustable track. Instead we get a rear bar that is 36” from the back, and a 28’ spread between the front and back. Great for surfboards, but not canoes. Also, there's no place underneath to tie off. I have a 12’ kayak. With my present SUV I can slide it over the rear factory bar onto my Yakima racks without hitting the roof. I can’t do it with the E.

Any ideas?
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Thule stuff will work according to them. They sell really long bars. Put the boat on from the side.
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