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Okay so I've owned my E for 6 years now, I call her Tupperware. I've always trusted my mechanic with EVERYTHING. But due to difficult financial times I'm having to do somethings myself.

Current issue: Rubbing / Grinding Noise
Where: Front or middle
When: While coasting without brake or gas. Straight or Turning
Notes: Pitch change proportionate to speed

What I've tried: Left Rear Caliber (Mechanic's Advice)
(Caliber Piston was Jammed)
Transmission Drain / Refill x2

Suggestions I haven't explored: All 3 Motor mounts and Trans Mount
(will be trying this soon)
(need a good tutorial)

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Welcome, Jjharmon.

If it varies with speed while coasting in neutral, you can rule out motor mounts. (There are tutorials on those when you choose to do it, though; search for relevant threads.) It could be something as simple as a misaligned dust plate. Try jacking up all four wheels and turning each by hand to see if you can reproduce the scrape.

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