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San Antonio E's?

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Anybody else in San Antonio with an E? I've yet to see one driving around...
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I am in Houston and I have only seen 2 since I purchased mine in January
Just bought my E at Gunn Honda on Wednesday Sep.17th and I love it! I had a really good expierence at the dealership, that was a first, and love driving it! :D I just drove it to Houston this weekend and it was such a joy to drive! No complaints!
Bought mine at gillman (best car buying experience yet) about 3 weeks ago. Occasionally see a few tooling around town but we're still somewhat by ourselves. Seem to be selling quickly tho,
bought my GG 4wd EX at Gunn sept 26.
Forgot to mention that I bought it from Gillman. Did almost everything but the test drive and the paper work via phone and email. Total time at dealership about and hour and a half. Great price too.
04 SOP EX 2WD AT bought mine at Gillman Honda at the End of January. Thought 04 was better deal than 05 new equipment on 05 but big price jump. Very good buying experience. Commuting between Universal City and Medical Center. Saw a SOP on 281 Yesterday at Jones Maltzberger. Like everyone else here I love the lunch box. look forward to post of Texas meets etc
03 SOP EX AWD here, love to meet up sometime for some E action.
Bought a silver E at Benson Honda, May 05. A meet and greet might be fun...breakfast at Denny's or some such.
Like ICHING, we bought ours from Benson in May 2005, except ours is Magnesium Metallic.

I'm on the road all the time (about 45 weeks / year) but my wife is always around with the E. If any of y'all see a beautiful redhead in a MM Element, her name is Beverly - please say howdy.

PS - I see Element's all over the country, and even more in Canada!

Welcome to San Antonio and congrats on your new Element. Let us know how you like it. Mine is approaching 100K and still a happy little box. Hope you bought air conditioning!:)
Welcome black bee. Hope to see you driving around some time. be sure to wave!!!!
So far so good..............:D

I love my E. Feel good every time when I drive. And I prepare to go camping someday soon. Already bought some camping stuff just wait for a time to come.

If you see me just give me a big HORN..............

love to see the-E drive around.
Forgot to mention ..... I got inspire for Green KIWI -E so, why I bought my E.

One night at Target (I-10&I410) parking space, I saw KIWI-E. The-E look so nice and stand out from the other car. I have to walk and take a look. After that day I desired my next car must be E. I really want Kiwi-E but unfortunately don't have green in 2009.
by the way, I always see Kiwi-E at Fredericksburg Rd and West Ave. Is that one of our member.
I was a guest.

My Wife and Son went down there last Thanksgiving. You might have seen me driving around Cibilo, Shertz, and even up to Austin. A Tangerine EX with a big black cargo carrier on the roof.
I'll most likely be back next year.
Hmm, i've never seen KIWI -E. I'll keep looking - one of our regular happy hour spots is on fredricksburg, and i'm always scouting for other E's, especially kiwi ones!!!
Places to camp

Check out Lost Maples State Park on the Texas state parks web site. The camp ground is in a small hidden valley with a river running through it. Lots of very big trees for Texas, park has power/water, toilets, hiking. Less than two hours from SA.
Today I saw 6 E in town; 2 silver, 1 black and 3 GREEN. WOW...........
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