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Saw a funny thing in Villanova this evening

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Was drving home from REI in Conshohocken this evening and we ended up behind a atomic blue Element (same as mine) with a "BI" sticker on the rear window (also like mine) in the same spot as mine. For a moment we thought my car had been stolen, LOL. Kudos to the owner. Not only for the color choice but for picking one of the most beautiful spots we have ever been to. We love Block Island so much we were married there. Let's try to keep it our little secret.
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That actually was you you were driving behind. I've been working on my time machine in my garage and have been having problems with the flux capacitor. It overloaded for minute and kind of made a hiccup in the time space continuum, causing a ripple effect in a parallel dimension. I'm really sorry about that and I would love to say it wasn't going to happen again but it already has:-(

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