SC REAR OEM SPRINGS (used) 4sale $50 + shipping. I’m guessing that $20 should cover the shipping INCON USA. I used the CRV box. The SC OEM's are the shorter ones on the left w/the paint strike thru's.

See below what the OEM SC height looks like.
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Mercedes-benz g-class Vehicle
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Car Vehicle

They’re 2tight 4me. If u wanna be only slightly lowered 1-1.5” &flat around turns like a Mustang Saleen; then these r4u. U will need the rear SC sway bar 2get the full cornering benefit.

Any member who buys my set of PROSTOP calibers w/shoes NIB will get these springs or the ST-60283 lowering set currently listed, free until the offer lasts.