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[quote:07407d0eec=" "]We've had our E for 2 weeks and so far there are:

* Scratches around the ignition (to be somewhat expected, although unwanted)
* A front air vent that is broken (taking it to the dealer tomorrow to discuss it)
* A big deep scratch on the front console (in the middle above the air vents)

The ease at which the E scratches is disappointing, especially given that it was purchased to be used (we've been hauling stuff to the dump and from Home Depot) and not just "to look pretty". If I wanted pretty, I would have bought the CRV (not really useful in my opinion).

Cheers, Derek[/quote:07407d0eec]

I can attest to the ignition area scratches. That seems, to me, to be a bad design. Luckily, since the interior *is* all plastic, and honda's trim piece replacement costs (if you buy and replace the parts yourself) are reasonable, I'm not too worried about this. Keep in mind if they ever give you trouble about that on a trade-in too: it's not going to cost them much to correct it.

The vent problem might be a defect, I haven't seen *anyone* post about that before, except in this thread, and it was broken before it left the lot.

The deep gouge: that's unfortunate. I keep one of those grippy pads up there for my cell phone, which has the effect of protecting the center of that area. I suggest doing something similar yourself, esp. if you're going to put thing up there!

I'm glad I did, since I found myself putting all sorts of scratchy metal things up there when I was upgrading the stereo...

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