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Seat belt beep / chime, disabling

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Is there a way to rig the E to think the seatbelt is connected at all times so it doesn't beep when you start the car? I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt but I don't put it on until after I start my car and that beep is so friggin' loud.

In the marketing of my business I often make short stops between houses and I know I'm bad but it's a pain to put on my seat belt for 10 seconds..... anyway to turn off the seat belt reminder buzzer?
I am a first time "E" owner and have a curious question about the vehicle. On all other vehicles I have owned there has been a way to disable the annoying seat belt beep that tells you if you haven't put it on. Any solutions on this? Also, just curious if anyone in Pensacola, Fl subscribes to these posts and meets? Anyway, I look forward to many more posts.
Anyone know how I can disable the seatbelt beeper?
I usually use my seatbelt, but there are certain instances when I just jump in and go. How do I disable it? The ding ding drives me nuts.
I have an SC '08 and whenever I unbuckle my seatbelt I hear a chime six times. I am an advocate of wearing seat belts but I usually unlatch it when I enter my parking garage. Does anyone know ho to turn this off or re-program the chime to lets say a single beep?
some of us don't wear seat belts in the bush because we get out all the time and that buzzer is very anoying
My wife hates the seatbeat chime, how do i disable it so i dont have to hear my wife B*tch everytime we go somewhere?! HELP :twisted:

I figure its one of those things where i would have to rub my tummy,while pat my head, while chewing gum and standing on one leg kinda things.
I always buckle up the seat belt, always. But, I'm a hunter and when I'm driving slowly on a dirt road or off-road, I don't use the seat belt.

We have to remember that the majority of car accident happend in a radius of 2 km from home...
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I think the beep is way too loud. I find myself very annoyed by it, I forget what the beep is even for.

HOW ABOUT THIS: Find the speaker/buzzer that makes the noise, and muffle it out! Usually there is a piezo speaker and a hole at the top. Put a piece of tape over the hole or poke a piece of foam down inside.

Gotta be under the dash somewhere, the Helm manual should show where.

I'm going to be installing fogs today, so I'll be under there. I'll let you know how I make out muffling it!
Well I leafed through the Helm manual, it looks like the beeper is in the speedometer cluster. I also looked under the dash with the fuse panel removed, I couldn't find the source of the sound or see a beeper. I guess they integrate all the alterts into one speaker now.

It's just so darn loud! :shock:
Re: HELP..............annoyed!!!!! seat belt reminder

Some cars will hit you with that annoying beep or chime as soon as you put the key in the ignition. That's really irritating...because I want to get the keys out of my hand so I can put on the seat belt. Most logical place to put the keys? The ignition, of course!

Happily..Honda lets you put in the key first (no beep)...then put on the belts...then start the vehicle. Now -that's- much nicer. Thanks, Honda!
I think most sane people wear seat belts always. But to have your car nag you about it is ridiculous. I'm glad I own an 04 that tells me once and has a light and then shuts up. It is better.
Good Mod for those of you faced with HAL the the computer telling you what to do.

The seatbelt beep fix is really great. Very helpful when hauling short distances.
Thanks for the Post!!!
This has been driving me nutz, I wear my seatbelt when on the road, but like to take it off when on a trail. Plus in the 06 it beeps if you start the car W/o your belt on, Very Annoying especially if you are on the phone, the beep is so loud that the person on the phone get deafened.
My 2 cents.
thx for the info. This topic will save me some problems since the wife wants to the buzzer gone.
I would have blown my brains out if wouldn't gave done this mod. One of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:evil:
That was Today's Mod. for me. Great article from RamblerDan explaining step by step how to do it. It was easy and quick. About 5 minutes mod. killing that annoying beep makes me feel a little bit more owner of my own actions.

Thanks RamblerDan
Thanks!! Saving that page before it "disappears".
this is just thought. what about disconnecting the beeper device itself. the light would still work on the dash. I just got my E and don't have the helms manual yet. can anyone take a look at the manual and see if this is possible and if it's an easy mod?


what about disconnecting the beeper device itself
Kyre900 describes a (literal) hack in this thread. The problem, aside from risking damage to a very expensive part, is that the same piezo device that makes the seat-belt beep also beeps for keys in the ignition and lights on.
Personally the first seatbelt beep fix that I did the write up on is much easier then the other one and more easily reversable. Takes about 10min.
The second one is more secure and permenant.

Good luck!
Seat Belt Sensor

Is it possible to turn off the seat belt sensors? I just purchased a 07 EX, they drive me crazy. Thanks
Anything is possible. What are you willing to sacrifice to do it? lose the chime completely and not have a key-in-ignition or headlamp 'on' audible warning? Trick out the SRS control module so that, in the event of a collision, the driver's airbag will deploy at full force (under the assumption that the driver is being restrained by the seat belt and the pre-tensioners have already pulled you back into the seat)? The easiest and safest way to eliminate the seat belt warning chime is to simply fasten your seatbelt.
I had hoped that this thread would die, but now that it's been dug up again, PLEASE do not do the modification the way it is suggested by tie-strapping the micro switch in the seat belt buckle closed. This is an incredibly naive manner of "fixing" the seat belt beep, as the SRS control unit also receives input from this switch, and these inputs are used by the SRS control module as part of the decision process to deploy the airbags. If you must defeat the warning chime, at least do it in a safer manner - by removing the input to the multiplex control module. You'll lose the seatbelt chime and the warning light, but will not be messing with the SRS system.

The connector you want to access requires you to remove the lower center console (or sub-woofer) cover. The connector is located on the passenger side.

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You need to remove both female terminals with the blue and red wires from the male connector. You can remove the terminals if you plan on reconnecting the circuit later to restore the original function, or you can just cut the wires. The wires that are removed need to be connected to each other. (the circuit remaining in the connector itself is left open, it's the wires that you remove that need to be shorted together either with a jumper harness that you create, or by simply holding the terminals together and wrapping them tightly together with electrical tape) Doing this keeps the circuit intact to the SRS control module, but removes it from the multiplex circuit. If you plan to restore the circuit later, mark one of the wires with colored tape before you remove it from the connector, and write down which terminal the marked wire needs to go back into.

Text Line Font Diagram

Text Font Auto part Diagram

Note that if you have an '07 -'08 wiring schematic that this connector has a different designation number than the '06 and earlier, but it is the same connector. Also note that the schematics for the '07 - '08 are incorrect - they show this circuit operating in the opposite manner than how it really exists and operates.
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Hats off to Honda a little tip...

I think we all owe Honda Tech a debt of gratitude for this one.

When i read the first part of this thread, I was ready to go out to my garage and do the modification as proposed by the original poster - by the seatbelt buckle method. Then i decided to read the whole thread...glad i did!

I read, with admiration, how Honda Tech explained in detail how this whole SRS system works, and how he explained that diabling the beep by using the "seatbelt buckle method" can have unintended consequences. (When the original poster still just didn't understand it, i thought Honda Tech was very patient and respectful with his subsequent responses.)

Anyway, I just did the mod in my garage, and it was simple and straightforward. Thanks for showing the right way to do this, Honda Tech! I know you were hesitant to show us this mod, given your concern for liability. Along those lines, i would suggest that when doing this mod, people MAKE SURE that the two female wire leads are connected to each other really well - i'd hate for the SRS system to be disabled when the leads come apart from unravelling electrical tape, etc. Instead of just pressing the two leads next to each other and wrapping them in the tape, i'd suggest you do what i did - slide the two female ends into one another, so they kind of "lock" together, and then wrap them in the tape. Also, make sure to cover all exposed metal parts of the leads, so they don't short out on any of the metal housing in the area.

Thanks again Honda stuck your neck out to help us, and i, for one, really appreciate it!
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also annoyed by the chime

Well as I live in NH, we do not have that annoying seatbelt law, ye still I must now buckle up or deal with that noise. Before buying my element, I had an 06 Mitsubishi Raider P/U, and right in the owners manual it told you how to disable the seatbelt chime, but the dash light would stay on, that wasn't a problem for me. I don't remember exactly how it was done, but something like turn the key two times, then buckle / unbuckle six times real fast, something like that. Sure wish my Element owners manual told me how to do it. on the other hand, my wife an avid seatbelt wearer really like that I have now been using the darn thing. I don't like it, or the fact that my choice has been taken away, even though I legally don't need them in my home state.
Mitsubishi ... owners manual told you how to disable the seatbelt chime ... something like turn the key two times, then buckle / unbuckle six times real fast ... wish my Element owners manual told me how to do it.
With the Element at least, Honda doesn't allow users to make those sorts of changes.

As for Islandsi's suggestion, that would fool the computer into thinking you were wearing your seat belt, which would cause the SRS to behave differently than it would if it knew you were not wearing it. That's the problem Honda Tech was trying to avoid with his solution.
Doing this on a 2008 appears to be slightly different. I clipped the 2 blue/red on the passenger side of the center counsel, but that only disabled the driver's side warning beeps.

Should I also cut the driver's side wires in order to disable the passenger side beeping? Does anyone know if it works in right brain/left brain fashion like that? Figured I should ask before wantonly cutting wires.
Well I couldn't find a similar gray wire harness on the driver's side, so I just soldered and capped the passenger side one and gave up.

Let me know if anyone finds out how to disable the passenger seat belt beep on the 2008.
Clue me in - why the need to disable the seat belt beeper?
I may be wrong here, but the seatbelt buzzer should be a simple relay. Find the one that is buzzing and pull it out.

Personally, I wouldn't do any "mods" to mask the issue as you have get an unwanted side effect.
> should be a simple relay

Nope, there's no relay to pull. The beeper is built into the instrument cluster. Besides, killing it altogether would disable the headlights-on sound, which can save your battery.

To answer Mike's question: Some folks have a freestanding mailbox, or shuffle cars around in a driveway, or otherwise have occasion to drive short distances in the absence of traffic, and like making their own decisions about when to wear a seat belt without being subjected to a scolding beep. Imagine if we had constant, annoying reminders in the rest of our lives as we do with cars: "beepbeepbeepBrush your teeth!" "beepbeepbeepSit up straight" "beepbeepbeepEat your vegetables!" No thanks.
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