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See thru the wheel well???

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I just notice that if you squat down near the front side tires, you can see thru the struts and the engine. Should i cover the hole or leave the hole as is? Their must be a reason Honda did not cover the hole.

Any help is grateful.

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I can think of two reasons: 1. The engine compartment is very small and thus needs an area to exhaust out the hot air. 2. The hole is large enough as not to interfere with suspension travel (your steering tie-rods project thru that hole also.
Thanks Ion,

Do you think their will be a problem with road salt, dirt, mud, rocks, rain water, ect getting into the engine compartments and harming the CPU?

At this time, i'm not worried about anything like that. The CPU (actually the EPU) is behind the glovebox door and should be protected from just about everything. After staying up late last night, another reason dawned on me for thos openings. The E has a very large frontal area and you need space to vent off that huge amount of air coming thru the grill openings.
06 'E' LX model front inner fender question

2006 Honda Element LX
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I have recently purchased my first Honda. I am attempting to find out if there are access panels I needs purchased on both sides of the front inner fenders behind the struts. Online splash shields and liners images look to run from front to back of the front fender rather than protect the engine compartment behind the strut assy. No Elements have come into the junk yards to check. Part breakdown images have been rather vague as well. Am I on a snipe hunt or is there a panel that covers this triangular looking section in both front inner fenders?

I'm guessing its a liner, but have been real shy about pulling the trigger to purchase because of the images I've seen.

Appreciate any help or info you can give me!



edit: added photo of inner fender well


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There's nothing missing. Mine is the same way. It's open like that for the tie rods.
Thanks for the reply and info Devlop!

It looked really strange because there are fastener holes for what seems like a cover.


Also, thanks to Mod for moving my question. The concerns in this thread match my own- ice, salt, sand, mud, etc getting into the engine compartment.
I had my 2004 Honda Element since new. I JUST noticed that the wheel well liners in the front are missing. I am blaming my mechanic, because I just don’t ever remember seeing so much ground when looking under my hood. I can’t believe it was like this before, or I surely would have noticed. They do sell the liners. There is the one that goes to the splash guard, and another one right behind the struts. Too MUCH ENGINE EXPOSURE.
I don’t think this is right.
ALSO, has anyone noticed a piece missing when opening the front doors, right at the top door hinge. I can see right through to the engine bay. I don’t think that is right either.
I am pretty mad right now and am going to the only mechanic that I have been using, to let them know. I know mechanics can do crappy work sometimes when they are paid by the job.
If anyone hears anything different, please respond so I can calm down..
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I hope you calmed down. Those openings are required to allow movement of the tie rod ends. Because the steering rack is on the firewall, not down low like many vehicles, the tie rods have to be able to move up and down and back and forth some to follow the suspension.

I created a shield for the left side, so far holding on with double sided tape. The right side is more difficult because part of the rack extends out through the opening.
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