My 2007 Element is gone. I was seduced by another Honda and sold it to buy a 2007 Ridgeline. Traded a fun, versatile, quirky looking vehicle with poor gas mileage for another quirky looking vehicle with poor gas mileage but great towing capacity.

I have some items left from my "E" days that I hope someone can use. I have a set of manuals, 2007-2008 Service Manual and Electrical Troubleshooting. Asking $70 for the pair. I'll cover shipping to US.

Also have a new in the box trailer wiring harness from eTrailer. It is a plug and play harness to complete the factory wiring. Asking $50 and again I'll cover shipping to US.

Have a set of the roof trim panels that are removed to mount a roof rack. I used Surco roof rack adapters to mount Thule crossbars and cut my trim panels to make a seal around the adapters. I wanted a set in case I wanted to go back to stock. These are from a salvage yard and are all intact. Not sure if they are originally grey or just sun bleached but they are easily painted. Asking $50 for the set and shipping is included.

Last I have a JDM automatic shift surround panel, ordered from a vendor in Japan that has a second opening for a switch. It is an OEM Honda part that allows both the Hazard light switch and a second switch to be used. I was going to use it for a fog light switch. I also have the correct size round, blue LED, angel halo switch for the second opening. Asking $100