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My Element is shaking a lot while stopped in reverse or drive, or while driving at idle speeds in reverse. This happens regardless of how long the car has been running (or not running), and goes away once it starts moving. The transmission shifts beautifully, and doesn't grind, or show any other signs of trouble. So far the car has gotten:
  • trans fluid flush around 50k miles ago, and around 30k miles before that. Both times, minor transmission issues were cleared up.
  • Rear motor/trans mount replaced around 30k miles ago because it was shot.
  • New spark plugs
  • New air filter
  • Cleaned throttle body, injectors, etc.
I took it to the local transmission shop that is generally known as the place to go for transmission work in the area. They found the mount that was replaced 30k miles ago was again shot, and replaced it. This improved the shaking somewhat, but not much. They were going to check out the torque converter next, but due to not being able to start the car without that attached, could not check that out as they had hoped, and advised I have the dealer look at it in the hopes they have a better ability to do so.

I just wanted to see first if anyone else has had this particular issue or has any theories/input, I didn't see any threads about shaking while stopped in Reverse or Drive. I'm contemplating getting the transmission computer out of the Element at my local scrapyard to see if that fixes it - doing so with a minivan with transmission gremlins improved that situation. It would be cheap and worth trying before shelling out for the dealer's opinion.

Thank you in advance.
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