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Shiba Inu Rescue Needed Foster Homes

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Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue
MSIR is in great need for foster homes right now as we have several dogs waiting
for rescue. If you are interested in fostering please email
[email protected] !

Lucy - 4.5 yr old red pinto female MSIR Alum being surrendered back to rescue
...because she is not adjusting well to the new baby in the home. She is fearful
of infants and young children. Would do best in a home with kids over 12. Here
is a copy of her former listing:

Ellie 3 yr old red female. Ellie is great with people! Doesn't like other dogs
in her face or on her backend. She's confident and has defined boundaries but
is not aggressive. Ellie does fine with other dogs if she is given the
appropriate amount of time and properly introduced. Great at vet, in bath,
riding in car. Ellie loves to snuggle on laps and likes walks!

3 No-name Puppy Mill releases (2 red male, 1 black and tan female) - more
information to come. Mill dogs are generally shy and do well with other dogs
when properly introduced (like most shibas).

If you would like more information or have questions please feel free to email
me! PLEASE consider giving these special dogs a second chance!See More
Lacey is a young pinto Shiba female in Green Bay, WI
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wow, we were thinking of shiba inus...great timing.....
Look at the site and you can read about the pups that are up for adoption. Its great because you know what your getting. I there is a good network and they can sometimes relay the pups up north. Ours came from Minnesota.

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Let me know if you pick up a rescue. There are chapters all over the country.
Let me know if you pick up a rescue. There are chapters all over the country.
A better way of saying it would be, let me know which part of the country you want to get it from and I will give you the address of the rescue.

MotoChef, good luck with getting the pups adopted. :)

BTW your pup does look awesome!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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