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46 Posts has both Chrome and Black ALUMINUM grille mesh in
(if I remenber right) BOTH 8" x 47" size as well as in 16" x 47" size. I'm
going to find out from my local powder-coater if they can work with aluminum, and, if so, would they spec the Chrome or the Black to sandblast so I can then color-match to either my current mid-brown/bronzey Honda Pilot alloys or some other powdercoat color that
blends or harmonizes with the GalaGreenBullPup.
I also have to perform the simple measure & figure to see if the 16" x 47" will cover both upper and lower grille openings.
Yesterday at a DIY wash'em'up the SPRAY from the (not very) high pressure wand bent, not a lot mind you, BUT BENT the fins on the lower
air-con condensor. Protecting that stuff before summer and hot long
distance touring needs to be done ASAP. hondagotanearout?
Happy Trails ... BEEP! BEEP!
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