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How shipping is calculated:

Our online shopping cart knows the weights and dimensions of all of the products we sell along with a basic guideline of which items can likely be combined for shipping and which ones most likely have to ship as a separate parcel. We've worked to get the system so that it charges as close as possible to what UPS charges for the shipment. The cart contacts UPS to get the most up-to-date pricing each time you add an item to the cart.

Large Items:

Some large items can be quite expensive to ship based on the dimensions of the box, UPS has what they call dimensional weight and a 'large package' fee. The dimensional weight can cause an 8 pound item to cost what a 20 pound item would to ship and the large package fee just adds a flat fee on top of the shipping charge for very large items. Unfortunately, the charge is out of our hands and not something we keep, it is paid to UPS. We do realize that sometimes that can price an item out of competitive range but hope that in many cases the items will still be priced competitively and the convenience of home delivery along with no sales tax outside California will help keep them in consideration.

Small Items:

For very small, light items UPS has a minimum one pound charge which can make ordering such items by themselves cost prohibitive. We do understand that there are other shipping methods that are cheaper for smaller items and we are always exploring the options and seeing how they could fit into our system in an ongoing effort to try to find ways to improve every aspect of our business. Currently however UPS is the only shipping method we have available. We don't make extra money on the shipping charge on small items, it is paid to UPS for delivering the order.
Our order processing system is highly automated which allows for a very large number of orders to be processed very quickly while removing the chance of errors with the customer information, however the speed of the system doesn't allow us to do custom shipping quotes or different shipping methods.
If ordered with other items those small items often will add nothing to the shipping charge of the total order.

Lost or Damaged Items:

While we have all at one time or another heard of a problem with every shipping company we have consistently had good luck with UPS and through years of shipping we have found ways to package items so that they are protected for shipping. If something happens to a shipment we stand behind it as long as we are notified in a timely manner once the items are received. We work with UPS to fix any problems, you don't need to deal with them, we will.


Our dealership agreement with Honda restricts us from exporting any of the items so we are limited to only shipping within the 50 United States. Other dealers may be willing to export, that is their choice, however we just can't risk our franchise agreement with Honda to do so.
As such our cart is only setup to process orders from within the US with a US bank issued credit card with matching US billing address. That is the only method we have for processing payment.
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