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Shopping for Rims...need some advice.

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Well summer's here and I'm in modding mode. :)

After my dear hit a couple weeks ago, I've been trying to bring my E back to life with some style. I've detailed the inside and outside, added the OEM door visors, and just put some 50% tint on the front windows. Now, I'm in the mood to shop for some rims.

I found some rims that I like:

They are Avenue A603 rims and I'm stuck on what size I should get. On one hand, I want something that'll really fill out my wheel wells and I've seen a lot of EOC members with 20s that look good. On the other hand, I live in a rural part of Iowa and commute in every day so I was leaning towards 18s for a smoother ride both on the rough roads by our house and for the highways when I drive to work. I just don't know what size to go with.

I'm not lowered and I don't plan on it, so I'm wondering if the 18 x 7.5 rims with some meaty tires fill up my wheel wells or would I have to go with 20 x 8 rims?

Any advice?
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Our highways aren't too bad and sometimes my city driving is a bit rough depending on where I go. But in our town, the roads are unbearable and very rough so 18s might be the better option. I just don't want my Element to have big gaps in the wheel wells.

The rims I'm looking at are 18 x 7.5 and I've seen some people go to 235/55/R18s with no rubbing....can I go to a 60 or 70 sidewall without rubbing like GUMP08SC said?
Would a 235/60/R18 work? Or would it rub somewhere?
Alright thanks, I'll look into that. Hoping to order the rims soon....

I photoshopped them on my car, what do you all think?

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I would just be needing summer tires, when the winter comes I'm switching back to stock rims (or steelies) and having some great snow tires on them.
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