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Shopping for Rims...need some advice.

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Well summer's here and I'm in modding mode. :)

After my dear hit a couple weeks ago, I've been trying to bring my E back to life with some style. I've detailed the inside and outside, added the OEM door visors, and just put some 50% tint on the front windows. Now, I'm in the mood to shop for some rims.

I found some rims that I like:

They are Avenue A603 rims and I'm stuck on what size I should get. On one hand, I want something that'll really fill out my wheel wells and I've seen a lot of EOC members with 20s that look good. On the other hand, I live in a rural part of Iowa and commute in every day so I was leaning towards 18s for a smoother ride both on the rough roads by our house and for the highways when I drive to work. I just don't know what size to go with.

I'm not lowered and I don't plan on it, so I'm wondering if the 18 x 7.5 rims with some meaty tires fill up my wheel wells or would I have to go with 20 x 8 rims?

Any advice?
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I too am looking at wheels. I am leaning more towards the 18 just for the fact of a...cheaper tires and b....staying as low as i am currently. If you are not lowered and do not plan to be 20's may work but do know running a small series tire risks ride quality and wheel if you hit potholes and such.
Any thing bigger than a 55 series on a 18 will make your speedo off here is a size calculator that many use here
Here is the print out from it top is stock and bottom is 18 with 55.

Revs per Mile: 746.8

Revs per Mile: 749.8
Would a 235/60/R18 work? Or would it rub somewhere?
It should work just want to test fit to make sure have the tire shop mount some and check it full lock and inside the wheel well. Look at the calculator I posted it will tell you how much bigger each series is from stock.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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