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Should we or shouldn't we?

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Ok, we're thinking of going to test drive the "E" this weekend. The buildup is killing me. I guess I would like some input as the pos/neg of the vehicle. I have a couple concern that maybe you could put to rest.....
1) I've never had a foreign made car before.... Is Honda any good/reliable? God, I'm stupid....
2) Are parts any harder to come by/more expensive?
3) Do you think there will be "issues" with the E where its a newbie?
4) Can we actually test drive it without becoming more addicted? :)

Anything else you can think of would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Read all our posts carefully. Drive an Element.

Then go with your gut.

Well, most of your questions can be answered by going over some of the other topics on this board.

Let me see if I can sum things up a bit for you.

Honda has had a great reputation for being reliable. Many people only drive Hondas.

Parts are a bit on the hard side now, as it is a new design, and available is not what it should be.

Design problems. Well, people have complained about the plastic panels on the Element being easy to scratch.

The last question is one that can only be answered by driving it yourself.

You are best off checking the board and seeing for yourself when you drive the Element.
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As far as reliability, let me give you some stats. The 2 most reliable marques sold in the U.S. are Toyota/Lexus and Honda/Acura. Toyota has a reliability score of 99.98, while Honda has a score of 99.95. This means on the average your Honda is running 99.95% of the time. Toyota gets their reliaility thru over-engineering and build quality while honda gets theirs thru simplicity and build quality. You'll never find that with european or American brands. The most unreliable marque sold in the US. is Dodge/Chrysler. As far as spare parts are concerned, I have found honda parts to be some of the lowest priced around, but the best part is you hardly ever need them.
Definately drive one...We were on the fence until we went and drove one last weekend. Unbelievable experience!! We put a deposit down on ours on Monday morning!

Answers to questions 1 and 2 can be found in the first and second to last paragraphs of the article at this address:

Answers to 3 and 4 are... subjective...

I think that if the Element truly is the right car for you, you can't help but buy one when you drive it. It's one of those kinds of vehicles that speak to you. :)
If you like 5 speeds, Honda makes a great manual transmission.

Come on and do it, do it, do it to you buy . Come on and do it, do it, ...
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