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- 'lock' the upper tailgate several inches open. We've discussed this option a few times in the past. What you need is a short rod that can hook around the loop on the lower tailgate, and hook into the latch on the upper. Someone found a commercially made one, though I don't recall what it is called. Dog show supply places might carry it.

If you experiment, you'll find that many metal loops hook into the latch of the upper tailgate. For example the hook of a common bungee cord works. So it wouldn't be hard to make a tailgate prop that is dog proof. A locking one would be trickier.

Here's what I had in mind, the Ventlock (found via google search for 'show dog tailgate prop')
Hey Paulj, this is a good idea but it's only dog proof right? People could still access the dogs though if I understand it correctly. oooh, I wouldn't want some one to reach in to the dogs when my back was turned or something.

Although It's still a good idea. Think I'll look into this. There are time when I need to wait with the dogs inside, and I'm right there.

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