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(I am not representing a dealer)
I do have a 7 year old daughter, and reading here it seems to be a big focus. I've also heard elsewhere that the side air bags are dangerous for young children (not on this car, but in general) since it ends up catching their head and not the torso at all, causing pressure on the child's neck.
ALL airbags (front or side) are dangerous for children. That's why they should sit in the back seat.
Also, for the dealers, is this something that can be done somewhat easily by the dealership's maintenance department?
If you didn't order them when your E was built, then I think you are out of luck. These are not dealer installable.
Still have not seen a comparison crash test specific to an E with and without side air bags, so everything you will see on here is either opinions or speculation. My SPECULATION is that side air bags would help you more than hurt in a side impact.
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