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panama said:
I am thinking about purchasing an Element (as soon as this week) and am trying to decide on the accessories. I like to (side steps) but have a couple of concerns:

1) Does anybody know how much they weigh? Might seem like an odd question but with such a low Load Capacity (only 675 lbs.), I do not want to add too much additional (unnecessary) weight. After all, they would basically be cosmetic.

2) Are side steps an easy target for other car doors? I am afraid that every time somebody swings open a car door in a parking lot, the side steps will get smashed. And they do not appear to have any (side) protection. There is rubber/plastic on the top but the sides are exposed.
I installed these myself, and they are made from aluminum, not steel!! Very lightweight and strong!! I weigh in about 280 and have had no problems with them.
As far as being a target for car doors, I would rather they take a paint chip off my side steps than ding my doors!! You can always touch them up, it's painted silver. They are pretty easy to install, you will need a torque wrench to about 50 lbs or so, that is kind of a chore when you are upside down, but it saved me $100-$150 on installation too.
Overall I am very happy with them, my 8 year old daughter and 75 year old mom love them when getting in and out of the back seat.
Hope this helps!!

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