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Side Steps

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Hi all! I live in Lorain, OH and I was wondering if anyone knows where to get a set of Side Steps put on? I heard the dealership charges a pretty hefty fee for the installation....has anyone else had luck with finding a good price? Or even, has anyone bought a hitch set online and installed it themselves?

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You might want to go to your local mechanic.

I was having several items slapped on my E, and thus had these installed too. But looking at the directions for doing so from our friendly sponsor H-and-A, it's clear that it's not truly difficult to put these on yourself. It doesn't require power tools or a whole lot of muscle power or anything.

Several folks have done so here in the forum, a few, I believe, mentioned that they parked their E with 2 wheels up on a curb, did that side, then turned it around and did the other side.

I don't know your level of comfort with such things, but you might consider doing this yourself.

if not, a local mechanic will help you out, I'm sure.

Good luck!
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I would try a local muffler or tire shop. All that's really needed a hoist and if they are not busy I'm sure they will do it while you wait for much less than a dealer.
The sidesteps are actually pretty easy to install by yourself. You just need to make sure you have the right tools and a second person to help hold the step up when you mount it. The instructions, as previously noted, at HandA are step-by-step. My wife and I put our sidesteps on in about an hour. I didn't have to park our E on the curb because I'm small enough to rest the sidestep on my chest (it's not heavy at all), and still get under the body to screw in the bolts. If you've got a friend who has little ramps to raise cars up with, then you could borrow them. You'd only need them for an hour or two and you'd be all done.
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