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Hey all, I apologize for starting a new thread for a seemingly existing one, but my issue is slightly different.
I had to leave my ele at my job today in the parking lot at work because my car wont run.
Initially, I started the car and the intake was taking a noticeably significant more amount of air. I know you can normally hear a lot of Air coming in the intake when you start it up but this was kinda nuts, way overboard even.
My car would run high rpm, (not sure how high, I was trying to start the car so i could turn the ac on and cool the car off.) then the RPMs would drop wayyy low to around 500 (I checked at that point) and then shut off.
I removed the negative end of the battery and let the computer reset, unlatched the O2 censors, and reconnected them, and now the car will start then die immediately like it started to do before I tried to reset anything manually.
Any ideas?
It's looking like I will have take my car to the dealer to get some computer work done in the car (from what i've read of others with the similar problem), but any ideas would be great.
Thanks so much.
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