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Nice job Larry. I tried to use an A-A-C and the same Bell 12v outlet this weekend in my Envoy for my SkyFi2.

I must have had a bad A-A-C though cause I could not get the thing to fire. Even running the recommended test by Littelfuse (remove fuse from box, add new circuit to A-A-C, then insert into fuse box...make sure existing functionality still works) nothing worked. I tried Parking lights, power doors, wipers, everything. If I turned the A-A-C 180 degrees and tried again still nothing. Id remove the A-A-C insert fuse and the items worked fine. To me it had to be the A-A-C. Nice waste of $10:roll: I even considered using the splicer that came with the Bell 12v plug...but I could not find a verified hot wire under the dash to use the connecter with...made me nervous

What made it worse was that the interior fuse box in my Envoy is under the rear seat so my hot wire ran from the front all the way to the back. I just left it unplugged until I ever get around to buying a new A-A-C. Oh well. Luckily I found a way to hide almost all of the 12v wire to one of my plugs. I have 3 on the front console anyway so its not like I dont have anymore to spare, but wanted a cleaner look. Ya know, I was telling my wife, it would be nice for automakers to start putting hidden 12v plugs behind the console/dash/glove box, those of us who want a clean look, will already have the 12v plug there.
The A-A-C worked like a charm on my E when I added my Dash lights though.
1 - 1 of 67 Posts
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