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Six months back, the clutch pedal was feeling awfully weird underfoot. Owner's Manual told me to check the hydraulic fluid level, which was way low. Filled it with DOT3 and forgot it. Today, sitting at a stop light in downtown Houston, with clutch pedal to the floor, but she wouldn't stop creeping forward.....Left an anxious feeling in my gut, but there were signs that this kind of thing could happen.

-- -- Long Story cut Short -- --​

A Honda owner with good repair experiences suggested his mechanic...."this former Honda mechanic only fixes the broken stuff, and does it cheaper than any dealership".
Flatbed tow across town = $86
1pm: Hugely busy day at Upland Honda, but my case was considered an Emergency, diagnosed as a leaking Slave Cylinder, phone estimate of $154 to fix.
5:30pm: phone call to tell me it's finished.
6:15pm: arrive to find E waiting for me. Discussed repair, PAID $154.
Asked about 155,000 mile original clutch......he said it should go 200k.
Asked for an estimate to replace clutch [$1030 incl flywheel, rear seal].
Asked if they ever mod'd the 5-spd MT to a 6-spd MT. Said "never" but they were intrigued....[as am I!]
Family operation....Robert & Robert Jr., -
They were busy, they took care of me, I'll tell my EOC friends about them.
Upland Honda Pros - 713.468.0870 - 10919 Mayfield, 77043.
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