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Sleep apnea machine & a camping trip - how to power?

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My wife has a breathing machine that we'd like to take camping. It's likely a primitive site, without AC.

It runs on AC or DC power, and the plate on it says AC 1.0A max, DC 3.0A max. I can get specific usage by plugging my inline AC meter into this if that'd help.

The manual, of course, says to use only the cable they provide - which is diagrammed as a normal cigarette-plug-to-barrel cable, but with thicker cylinders on each end reminiscent of the ones on many of my PC cables. The polarity is not marked.

My questions, having not tried to power a device like this in a field before -

1. Could this run off the Element's battery safely, or should I use a separate one? We'll be camping two nights.

2. We have a solar array that plugs into the cigarette lighter, presumably to top off (either) battery. Would that be useful, or a waste of time?

3. Short of bringing our 2kW home generator along, a sloshy spare can of gas, etc - or leaving the missus at home - is there a better way?
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Interested to see what answers you get on this, Orome. My CPAP machine (Respironics) only runs on 110 AC.
I would take a separate battery to run the CPAP Machine for the two nights, especially if you have just the factory oem honda battery in your element. You can set up the plug in device you have with any cables you want from any auto part store for the cpap machine, and use your solar charger. If you do a lot of camping there is a cpap machine that has its own battery pack. It is AEIOmed Everest 3 cpap machine with rechargeable battery pack. The price is $395 at CPAP.COM.
That's why I love me these forums. Instant gratification. :grin:

Thank you kindly!
Funny thing. I spoke to my provider about getting a new mask and possibly a new machine earlier today. And I will be discussing options with the tech handling my case tomorrow.

This is perfect timing. There are a few models I am curious about on that site Capt posted. My current model can do 12v but that battery operated one does interest me.

Thanks for posting that site, Capt.
Perfect Timing..........
My sleep study's finished.

CPAP prescription sent to a home provider. I can't wait to sleep with all the scuba gear..............
Sweet! I'm gonna have to check this battery powered CPAP out! I can not get a decent nights sleep with out mine! It's odd to put on at first but you get used to it....then you don't ever want to be with out it!
Getcha a good deep cycle Marine Battery. One thats designed to run a trolling motor. Lotta amps for a long time. The stock E battery is definately not designed for that.

Something like this would work well...
I have been on CPAP since 1994, and have run into power being out due to storms. It usually stays out 12 to 14 hours at a time. I would buy a deep cycle marine battery and a nice marine case to run your cpap. I have tried using one of the jump start battery boosters to run my Cpap, and can only get about 4 hours of use per jumper. I just bought a new travel cpap from and am planning to add the battery pack. The new machines will probably use less power and run longer on a battery. If your machine is covered by health plan you may be able to get a model with built in battery and have them cover it. Let us know what you come up with.

get an optima battery - it is a long life battery , have been using one in my e for two years w/o a problem. the previous e battery died a lot. get a recharger for the battery that runs off of your cigarette lighter outlet.
get an optima battery - it is a long life battery , have been using one in my e for two years w/o a problem. the previous e battery died a lot. get a recharger for the battery that runs off of your cigarette lighter outlet.
Just make sure it's a deep cycle. Most optimas are longer life batteries but are still just for starting (a lot of power for a short time).

Great thread. Two new sources I didn't know about. Been looking into battery powered unit for a while now. Think it is time to make the plunge.:sleep003:
I would get one of those $40 jump boxes and plug your CPAP into that with the cigarette adapter end.
You have to be sure the device will keep working until morning, which demands a high Ah rating. I've thought about getting a good jump starter/power supply. In the meantime having a cheap one on board gives me confidence to run the CPAP off the vehicle battery, with its much higher rating.

My CPAP has successfully run on 12VDC over three nights so far. The first time was in my E with a D31A Optima, high-rated but a few years old; the next two, in a new Chrysler minivan (via a built-in inverter) with plenty of run time to recharge the battery between sessions. This was the air pump alone, no humidifier.
That machine is much cheaper here;
This is the place I use to get my CPAP stuff from.
That's an intriguing machine. I wish the specs noted what kind of battery it uses.
Twelve Gold Peak Industries (P/N 1865L200) 2 Amp-Hour Lithium Ion cells per battery pack.

Rechargable with a cig-lighter adapter when camping.
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