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Thanks for the reply to my question. I saw a picture of the seats all folded down that made me wonder where I would put my stuff since it looked like they took up most of the space inside. I rented an Olds. Bravada once for a road trip and it worked quite well to keep stuff in the front seats when sleeping in the back.
I am really hoping to buy an E in the fall. I tried once but the dealership here seems to be holding on to cars so as to get top dollar out of people. Theres quite a few running around town now so I guess its working. It sure would be just the auto for me though. Hopefully.

I live off of Lk. Otis at 72nd. Know where Lk. Otis Video City is? Im right up the street. I actually know the Alpine apts well. I test fire alarm systems and last week I tested about half of the buildings.
I know what you meen about the winters. I dont mind snow, but after a while it gets to be ridiculous. But now its summer so I love it.

Thanks again!
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